iconFrequently Asked Questions

I signed up for hosting, but I have not received any instructions

Please look in your spam folder.  Instructions are sent within a few minutes of signup, but sometimes they go to spam folders.  When an account has been set up a "Getting started with your website" email is always sent after the account has been configured. For additional information about getting started with your site, see our Getting Started Guide.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract.  Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Do I have to buy a domain?

Yes, a domain name is your only startup cost. Domain registration is $10/year (non-refundable), but you do not have to buy your domain from us.  You can also use a domain you've registered at GoDaddy or any other registrar (or use a domain name that you already own). 

How do I reach Technical Support

Visit our Support Desk at http://support.credit-aid.com

Can I move this site to another hosting company?

No, our web sites cannot be moved or copied.  Generally speaking, most people hire a web designer to design you a web site. Then they pay for hosting. Starting a business costs money.  We make it easy and affordable to have an instant website (without hiring a designer) and we start you will all pages prewritten to make it easy to launch a business, but the tradeoff is that you must pay $19.95/month for the hosting.

You cannot move our sites for 2 reasons:  

  1. Our sites are dependent upon our server and database.  Because they work by point and click they are very easy to use, but they are not traditional web pages so they cannot be "moved"  to another service.
  2. We own the content (text and images). We spent months writing the text in the pages and we own all the images. Please respect our copyright. 
    We will enforce it.

If you do not want to use our hosting, do not copy our text, images or layout.  Hire a designer, hire a writer and create your own original site. 

How do discount coupons work?

Coupon codes are emailed in in the Credit Repair Cloud UPGRADE letter sent to all new paid Credit Repair Cloud accounts. They give you a credit of $39.90 which is equal to 2 months of basic hosting.

Here are 3 simple rules about coupon codes:

  1. Use your coupon code during hosting signup. Coupon codes cannot be applied later (no exceptions)
  2. Type the coupon code ALL IN CAPS (with no spaces) and click "apply."  It's that simple. 
  3. If you follow these your 1 and 2 your coupon code cannot fail.

After your 2 free months (if you've used a coupon code at signup), your card will be charged the monthly fee for hosting.  If you do not want to continue service, please cancel your account so you will not be charged.  We provide these coupon codes as good-will gesture to make it easy for you to launch your business. Unfortunately, coupons create support issues if you do not follow the instructions sent with them. 

If you have any issue regarding web hosting coupon codes, please read the following:

  • Hosting coupon codes work 100% of the time (and cannot fail). Please read and follow the instructions sent with them.
  • Coupon codes only work during signup. They cannot be applied later. Just like a coupon for free pickles at the grocery store, it must be presented during purchase. The same rules apply here. Use your coupon during signup.
  • Coupon codes are case-ensitive and must be typed ALL IN CAPS (WITH NO SPACES).
  • During web hosting signup you are shown a cart with charges and a total. The page will ask your permission to charge your credit card for the amount showing.  If you've use your coupon code the total for web hosting will be $0.
  • Do not pay during signup if you believe your first 2 months are supposed to be free. Our web hosting signup page does not know you or what products you have purchased from us.  You must use your coupon code.
  • If you're trying to signup with a coupon code and it's not working for any reason, please read the error message it's showing you and please stop follow the directions. The only reason a coupon code will fail is if you type it incorrectly and not in CAPS.  Type it ALL IN CAPS WITH NO SPACES and click apply and
    it will work.
  • We include instructions about the coupon codes everywhere possible. Please do not write us after you've already signed up to tell us you forgot to use your coupon code.  We cannot apply a coupon code later. No exceptions. 
  • Domain names are not free with coupon codes. Domain names are $10. That is what we pay for them.  We use ENOM and ENOM gives no refunds on domain names even if you've misspelled your domain name.

Why am I receiving invoices?  I’m not supposed to be charged yet. 

  1. Invoices are always sent by the automated system. You will always receive an invoice 1 week before a billing date, even if you've used a coupon code.  An invoice is not a charge.  Yes they look similar to receipts, but they are not. If you take a moment to read the invoice it will have an explanation with details
    and dates.
  2. If you used a coupon code during signup you will receive invoices during your 2 free months, but you will not be charged. On the actual billing day a credit will be applied.  After your 2 free months you will be charged a normal hosting fee at the beginning of each month of service. If you used a coupon code during signup you have nothing to worry about. 

How do I cancel my web hosting?   

Either log into your account and cancel.  Or request cancellation in a support ticket. Support tickets have a time-stamp showing exactly when you requested to cancel. Once you cancel, no new billing can occur. Please use support tickets.  Remember, we have many products and services, so take time to send a clear message in your support ticket to explain what you are canceling.

What is your refund policy

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