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Getting started with your web site


SIgn up for webhosting

Sign up for web hosting at www.mycreditrepairsite.com. We have ready-made and pre-written templates for a credit repair site. These will get you up and running in minutes with a professional website for a credit repair business. As youy learn the system, you can easily change any colors, images or text by easy point and click. Just be sure to take it slow, make minimal changes at first and save your work often, so you can restore it back an earlier version if you make a mistake. See below for instructions.

During signup, you will have 2 choices of plans:

  • Basic Hosting - $19.95/month (allows you to host 1 website only)
  • Premium Hosting - $29.95/month (allows you to host an unlimited number of websites)

You can register a domain during signup for $10/year. or you can use an existing domain that you already own that is registered at another company. The domain can stay at that other company, but there will be extra steps to change the nameserver settings so it will work with our hosting.

**Important note: During signup, please type a working email address (that you actually can receive email at) and not the email address that you plan to create. Once you sign up, a letter will be sent with your login details to get started on creating and publishing your site.

What is SiteBuilder?


Sitebuilder is an awesome tool to make a site fast, even if you don't know anything about web design. It's built by a company called Parallels. They make server software. They worked with us to develop this special template just for a credit repair business. If you follow these steps you can have a professional looking site in minutes, and you can change all the text and images (later) as you learn to use this awesome tool.

Below are two samples we created with the sitebuilder template.

Take a look at these samples so you can see the goal.  Our templates are very easy customize, once you learn how sitebuilder (Web Presence Builder) works. Take it slow and save often as you work. Most importantly, only make very small changes until you learn to use it.

Just remember, if you take your time and follow the instructions, you will have a nice professional site.

Most people are able to watch the video, read the instructions and have a live site within a few minutes. However, if you're not a technical person, and you prefer to have personalized 1-on-1 personalized, click here to schedule a session with Keenan.





The website builder is an awesome tool if you follow the guide and start by only making minor text changes. Unfortunately, most people will jump ahead, pull our template all apart, delete important things and then be confused and frustrated with an unly non-professional site. Yes, you can make an awesome site with this tool. Yes you can change images, text, colors, layout and do incredible things, but you must learn it first, so until you do, remember...start with baby steps. Start by only changing text.

6 most important things about using the sitebuilder:

We all hate reading instructions, but please stop to take 2 minutes for these 6 steps.

Remember that SITEBUILDER is software that need to be learned. If you don't have time to learn it, by reading this guide then dont make any drastic changes. We built ithis tool for anyone to have a professional looking site quickly. The site is prewritten and done when you receive it, so all most people do is type business information and only make MINOR changes to the text. Our special template already looks great if you don't change it. You're probably not a professional web designer, so if you start to make drastic changes to what you start with, it probably wont look professional anymore. Yes, you can change colors, pictures, site, template and everything...but do that later! Don't do it all at once. Slow down. You're learning a new skill. To maintain a professional looking site, change very little at first.

Like most software, you must SAVE as you go along. There's a tool on the dashboard (a down arrow) next to the save button. It's for saving different stages as you go along. If you're saving as you go along, you can always revert back to an earlier version if you make a mistake.

To start over with a fresh new site and template, click on MORE>START OVER

You'll want to add the tools from your Credit Repair Cloud account (Log into CRC and click on "MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS"). Read this section below

That is grounds for termination. They will know and we will hear from their lawyers. Read this section to avoid embarassment.

No worries, that's fine, but there will be extra steps before your site can be live. Read this section below to know what to do.

Later, when you've learned how it works, you can do aweseome things with the sitebuilder, but for starters, remember: the template you start with is already a complete and professional site, so dont start by taking it all apart. That's similar to taking the engine out of a car. Start by just adding your company info, then hide/remove the instructions. Then click publish. Then slowly start to change it over time as you learn how it works and learn to SAVE if you make a mistake.


If you have received your email from ElectricWebHost providing your login details, here is how to proceed:

  1. Login here: https://s34.electricwebhost.com:8443 with your username and the password you chose during signup.  Please note that this is not the same as the FTP password. It’s the password you created during signup. Usernames and Passwords are case-sensitive. If you created your username as johNNy or your password as TurpeNtine, you will always need to type it the same way. It's also important to remember that If you dont remember the password you chose, simply click "Forgot your password" and the system will reset your password and send you the new one. Once you log in you will be in the Control Panel.

  2. Launch Sitebuilder

  3. Choose Credit Repair Business” Template and click CREATE SITE

  4. Prefill your contact information for your customers to see in your site. Click Submit.

  5. Watch the video:

    ***Before you start to edit your site, here's something important to remember:

    Your site will look great and very profiessional if you stay within the template and make minimal changes. But if you make drastic changes, it's not going to look very good. Be sure to save often so you can undo any mistakes, and if you make a mistake you cant recover from, click on MORE>START OVER for a fresh start.

  6. Click on Style in the SiteBuilder Menu

  7. Choose a styleset with a white page background.  We like Styleset 50 and 60 because they have a nice clean white background.  Then click OK.

  8. You can now click on any element in your template to edit/change/remove/add link/text/.additional graphics, videos etc.
    You can change the graphics simply by clicking on them and choosing another.  You can even upload your own.  Here below is how to change the large Banner Graphic.

  9. Change any text by clicking on it and typing what you want.

  10. If there is a page you dont want, simply select it and click HIDDEN PAGE and it will no longer display. It's better to hide a page rather than delete one. 

  11. If you want to Add a page click on Add Page and it will be added to your menu.


    Be sure to save as you go along by clicking SAVE>SNAPSHOT! 
    This will allow you to RESTORE an earlier version if you make a mistake. This is important in any software. We all make mistakes, so be sure to save your work.

  13. If you make a mistake and want to restore an earlier version, click "Restore". If you['ve been saving as you go along, you will have a list of saved versions. Choose the loan you want to restore and click LOAD.

    Note: If you were not saving your work you will not have anything in this list. In that case, see the next step to START OVER.

  14. If you need to start over.   Click on MORE – START OVER!

  15. The importance of adding ORIGINAL TEXT to your site


    Copying content from another company's website to paste onto your site is copyright infringement and a violation of our terms of service. When another company sends us a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint reporting Copyright Infringement on your site, this is a serious complaint against OUR company because we are reposible what the sites we host on OUR servers and you put OUR company in jeapordy. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate your site immediately without warning. Do not copy or borrow text from any other company's site. Write your own content. Then you wont lose your site and you won't put our company at risk. Be original, and Google will rward you for it.


    For Google to give you a nice ranking, it's important to add original text to your site. Yes, we start you with a basic template, but to have a success web presence it is important to take time to make the text unique and original. All of the text on your site can be changed by you. All you need to do is click on a block of text and start typing. Be sure to SAVE with the snapshot tool first, in case you make a mistake and need to revert back.

    Are you a Credit Repair Cloud User?
    If yes, we recommend that you replace the old default CONTACT form on the CONTACT page with your Web Lead Form from your Credit Repair Cloud account. Then when a potential customer fills out the form, their data will appear in your Credit Repair Cloud as a NEW LEAD and you will receive notifications for your sales people to follow up on that lead.

    If you're a Credit Repair Cloud user, you'll find the code for your Web Lead Form at MY COMPANY>WEB LEAD FORM.
    1) Copy the code from MY COMPANY>WEB SITE TOOLS.
    2) Remove your default contact form in your sitebuilder (Contact page)
    3) Drag and drop the "Script Module" from the toolbar to your contact page.
    4) Paste the code for the new CRC Web Lead form into the script mopdule.
    5) Click Publish, and the changes will be live.

    If you're not seeing the new form, try clicking CONTROL and F5 to force your browser to refresh the page (or COMMAND R if you're on Mac).

    Here's a video to show you how:

  17. When you are ready to publish your site, click on PUBLISH!   Your site will be live at the domain you purchased!

    Remember, you can change anything you want at any time.  Sitebuilder is a powerful tool. Just take some time to learn to use it.  If you need additional help.  Click on HELP or look here:   http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/PP10/10.3.0/Doc/en-US/online/plesk-administrator-guide/plesk-control-panel-user-guide/plesk-sitebuilder-user-guide/index.htm?fileName=66284.htm

  18. Getting listed in Google and other Search Engines

    We have no relation to Google or any other search engines. Getting listed in search engines takes time. Google and the other search engines have to find you, or you can submit on their submission pages. We are not involved in that process. These are all things you would do on your own.

    Here are some links for you:

    Submit a site to Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/
    Submit a site to Bing and Yahoo: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url
    Submitting sites to search engines: http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/how-to-submit-a-site-to-search-engines-seo-how-to-tuesday-2/


In closing:

  • Web hosting is self service. If you use our templates without changing them too much you'll have a clean and professional site.
  • If you make big drastic changes, you'll probably end up with a site that doesn't look very professional.
  • If you want to start over, click on MORE>START OVER
  • If you want to take payments on your site, you must have a merchant accountr. Do not attempt to use PayPal for credit repair services. That's a violation of PayPal terms and PayPal will ban you. To get a Merchant account to accept credit cards and ACH transfers for credit repair services click here: www.credit-aid.com/creditcards.htm.

Creating Email Accounts (ADVANCED)



Web Hosting Service includes Email Service. You can send and receive email at your domain. You can also forward email to an existing email address you already have.



email service cannot be used to send spam, bulk mailings or mass emails for marketing or newsletters. It won't work for that and your account will be flagged if you try this. To send Newsetters or Mass Emails (the same email to many people at one time) you need MailChimp, ConstantContact, Streamsend or some other newsletter service for that. It cannot happen on our mailserver.



Setting up email can be tricky, as it involves your internet service provider and your other software (Outlook, mobile phone, etc.). We give instructions to set it up, but please understand that we won't know what ports your internet service provider has blocked or what the various things are you've done in your Outlook or email client. We cant support another companies service, software or settings. However, if you're having difficult time setting up email, you might want to contact Keenan. Keenan is 3rd party IT Support and he can assist with any computer issue. He can help you to setup Credit Repair Cloud and teach you to process clients, import credit reports, create a web site, add a web lead form, set up email addresses, email clients and more. Keenan is awesome and will save you much time. Click here to schedule a session with Keenan.



1) Log into hosting control panel
2) Click on Mail
3) Click Create Email Address
4) Create a password for it (remember passwords are case sensitive)






IF you use email forwarding, it's fewer steps. Add an email address and it can forward to your existing address. Easy.




In your hosting control panel, under MAIL, to the right of each email account you will see a round "i" icon. Click that icon to get your settings for outlook and other email programs.




- If you use POP mail, know that most US Internet service providers block port 25, but port 26 is usually OK.
- Know that setting up email can be frustrating.
- Remember that your username is always your full email address
- Remember that each email address has it's own password.
- Passwords are case-sensitive. If you use ALL CAPS it won't work lowercase.
- If you have difficulty setting up outlook or mobile, you can also use webmail at http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN.com or www.mail2web.com
- Or just use the email forwarding and receive your new email at your old existing email address.



- Setting up email can be frustrating. The settings on the "i" icon in your hosting panel (MAIL PAGE) are the only settings we have. If those settings aren't working for you, we don't have any special "secret" settings. We don't know what you've enabled in your outlook or your other software. We can't give support or troubleshoot your other software. You might need to contact your internet service provider to see what settings they recommend and what ports they block. They help people set up email every day. - If you want someone to help you to setup email, book a session with Keenan! He's 3rd party IT Support and he can help with your other software and devices. Click here



Setting up email can be tricky, as it involves your internet service provider and your other software (Outlook, mobile phone, etc.). We give instructions to set it up, but please understand that we won't know what ports your internet service provider has blocked or what the various things are you've done in your Outlook or email client. We cant support another companies service, software or settings. However, if you're having difficult time setting up email, you might want to contact Keenan. Keenan is 3rd party IT Support and he can assist with any computer issue. He can help you to setup Credit Repair Cloud and teach you to process clients, import credit reports, create a web site, add a web lead form, set up email addresses, email clients and more. Keenan is awesome and will save you much time. Click here to schedule a session with Keenan.


Additional Resources:

Is your Domain Name registered at GoDaddy or some other company?


Is your domain already registered at GoDaddy or some other company and not with us?

Didn't buy your domain name from us? No worries, your domain can stay exactly where it is (at that other company) and it will work just fine with our web hosting. All you need to do is change some information with the company where your domain is registered.

Please follow these steps:

  • Call that company's support line (GoDaddy, etc) or log into your account at that company and change the nameserver records to NS1.ELECTRICWEBHOST.COM and NS2.ELECTRICWEBHOST.COM so that your domain name will be associated with your site. ***DO NOT PLACE ANY "FORWARDING" OR YOU WILL SEE OUR SITE INSTEAD OF YOUR SITE! *** Only change NAMESERVER RECORDS and REMOVE ANY FORWARDING YOU HAVE ON THE DOMAIN. NO FORWARDING!
  • If you need help with this step please contact the company you registered your domain with. Once you change NameServer records it may take up to 24 hours for the domain to "propegate" throughout the internet before your published site will display.

Is your email hosted at another company?


If you already have existing email service with that other company

  • Please contact that other company and change your MX settings in our hosting PRIOR to changing your nameservers to electricwebhost.com otherwise your email cease to function.
  • You can change MX settings yourself in your Hosting Control panel. If you need assistance in our hosting panel, please contact the other company (GoDaddy, etc) first and ask them for the exact MX settings needed in order to host the website with us and keep your email service with them. Then forward those instructions to us in a support ticket (with a friendly note explaining what you're trying to do.

If you already have email service from another company where the domain is registered

we recommend that you continue email service with them. That will cause you the least amount of work as you wont need to reconfigure everything.

Adding Payment Options to your site


Merchant Account for Credit Repair

Adding Payment Options, Shopping Carts and Pay-Now or Buy-Now Buttons and links to your website:

Many people ask us how to add payment methods to their website.

You can add anything you like to your website, but it's important to remember that we are not a payment processor.

  • If you're wanting your clients to pay you by Credit Card or if you wish to take ACH payments from Clients, you will need a merchant account for credit repair. You cannot use PayPal for collecting money from Credit Repair Clients. This is a violation of PayPal terms and they will ban you (which is quite unpleasant), so click here to get a merchant account for credit repair.
  • Once you have a merchant account buy now button code or shopping card code and addit to your site with the "Script Module" in the Web Builder toolbar.
  • You can also get a hosted paymemnt page from your merchant account/payment gateway. This is often the easiest solution. That page is hosted securly at your paymenmt processor and you simply add a "click to pay here" link on your website.

Sending Mass Mailings or Newsletters



This is cause for termination. We're not a bulk mailing service and we do not allow mass mailings or newsletters on our server. Additionally, our spam controls will prevent mass emailings from being sent. Next, mail services will mark you as a spammer, no customers will receive your emails and your website will be terminated. Always send mass emails with a bulk-mailing service like Streamsend or MailChimp. A free account at MailChimp allows you to send 12,000 emails per month for free.

How to get help to set up your site


Having trouble? Want personalized 1-on-1 help by phone?